Evert Fredenwall – Director

Evert Fredenwall joined OptoTel as a co-founder and Director in October 2000.

He studied at the Electric-Technical branch of the University of Stockholm. Between October 1977 and November 1986, he was employed by Ellemtel Utvecklings AB.

From November 1986 to October 1991 he worked for Burr-Brown International AB in Sweden with responsibility for sales and marketing of semiconductor products. From 1991 he worked at Commit Electronics AB, which later became DIP-Commit electronics AB (DipCom) in January 1992 and Insight Memec in January 2000.

Insight Memec is a representative and distributor for semiconductors, and has been part of the Memec group since January 1995.

At Insight Memec Evert had sales and product management responsibilities with reference to AMCC, GlobeSpan, Dallas Semiconductor, Conexant Systems, Chipcon Components and Summit Microelectronics.

E-Mail: ef@optotel.com

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