Louay Ali – Director

Louay Ali graduated from Queen’s University of Belfast with a BSc(hons.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1984, and completed a Diploma in Business Administration from Surrey University in 1993. Before founding OptoTel he worked with AT&T Microelectronics marketing a variety of telecom related products groups, including fibre optic, crystal- and SAW-products, and MCMs.
From 1993 Louay has worked as a Telecommunications Consultant in Europe as well as the Middle East, and with other UK companies in the telecommunications services field.
In 1993 he co-founded OptoTel with Gert Rasmussen.

E-Mail: la@optotel.com

Direct phone: (+45) 45 41 05 06

  • Address

    OptoTel AS
    Staktoften 20
    2950 Vedbaek
    Telephone: +45 45 41 05 06
    Email: sales@optotel.com

    Office in Sweden
    Björnkärrsvägen 51
    SE-187 42 Täby
    Telephone: +46 70 5886813
    Email: sales@optotel.com