Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., a leading global provider in advanced optical solutions, has demonstrated high-speed communications solutions including the next generation of CFP4 optical modules. Sumitomo Electric introduced the industry’s first CFP4 LR4 at OFC 2014 in San Francisco, CA.

The CFP4 quadruples the front panel port density compared to CFP and offers low power consumption enabling high-density line-card design. Applications include core routers to end of row switches for up to 10 km distance.

“Sumitomo Electric is committed to developing the products necessary to meet the requirements of high-bandwidth, high-speed optical networks” commented John Wyatt, President of Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, USA. “By leveraging our next-generation assets, we will continue to advance the technology for high-performance networking applications and demonstrate the same quality, reliability, and performance our customers have come to expect.”

Sumitomo Electric, a member of the CFP MSA.

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