Conexant Systems Inc., a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor solutions for imaging, audio, embedded modem, and video surveillance applications, announced the CX20708, the world’s first super wideband (SWB) voice input processor system-on-chip (SoC). The new single chip solution is targeted to home telepresence and speech recognition applications and is ideally suited for next generation Smart TV and video game console applications. The highly integrated chip features SWB voice processing algorithms that deliver a crisp, clear, full duplex, low latency audio experience. In addition, the CX20708 is a “Skype TV Certified” audio component, which ensures that the new chip meets Skype’s stringent performance and quality specifications including high speech-to-noise ratio, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for natural voice, and long distance voice pick-up of up to five meters in distance. For Smart TVs and other applications where voice interaction is being introduced as a viable human interface requirement, the Quality of Experience (QoE) is pivotal to the success of a product. Leveraging its leadership position and proprietary voice processing technology, Conexant has developed the CX20708 to help OEMs overcome the acoustic, mechanical and electrical challenges of integrating voice input capabilities into modern living room electronic appliances.

The CX20708 SoC is highly integrated and features high-fidelity 16-bit ADC, microphone pre-amp, asynchronous sample rate converter, sync buffer and Conexant’s award-winning digital signal processor.

Key features include:

• I2S /USB Interface – ideal for integration in the HD camera module or directly inside the TV or set-top-box

• Integrated SWB Voice Processing – ensuring the highest performing voice quality

• Far Field Pickup Microphone and Beam Forming – for long range speakerphone and speech recognition usage with optimal performance for two microphone array systems

• Integrated Microphone Pre-amp, ADC and DSP – for single chip voice input

• Sub-band Acoustic Echo Cancellation – enabling full duplex speech recognition

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