OptoTel’s mission is to serve as a specialist representative and distributor for components and modules and test systems for communications applications. We operate in the Nordic countries and the UK. We provide our Customers technical support for the products we sell, as well as sales and logistic services. Our markets are Telecom, Satcom, Wireless, Video, CATV and Datacom equipment. We provide our principals a valuable sales channel with considerable experience and knowledge of our market.

  • Address

    OptoTel AS
    Staktoften 20
    2950 Vedbaek
    Telephone: +45 45 41 05 06
    Email: sales@optotel.com

    Office in Sweden
    Björnkärrsvägen 51
    SE-187 42 Täby
    Telephone: +46 70 5886813
    Email: sales@optotel.com